Moon Landing Conspiracy by Peter Bassett FRAS

This is the supporting website of a book on the subject - The Great Moon Landing Hoax... or was it?

 Various versions of Colour or B&W Paperbacks and e-book is available from the 'Books' page. All the points made here and more are included. A unique book related to this on Satellite Spotting is also out on Amazon by the author; see 'The Books' page. 

Royalties from the moon hoax book are donated to the Smile Malawi Orphanage in Africa.

No thanks to a documentary by Fox TV called 'Did we land on the Moon?' ... millions of people around the globe now falsely believe the six moon landings from 1969-72 were fake. It was just special effects in a studio and lies by NASA.

Some people may be upset by the hard hitting style, but how do the astronauts feel after many years of test piloting, training, risking their lives (some lost their lives) at probably the most dangerous job ever created... then they are publicly accused of lying about going to the moon?

Discussions take place in Schools, Universities, Buses & Bars around the world about this. Bad science can affect real science in the public domain. It can affect project budgets, potential career choices & public opinion on many scientific matters. On rare occasions, it has been taught in schools as fact so it can even affect exam results! It is important to put the record straight and bury this problem by using science that everybody can understand rather than the pure guesses that hoax supporters use; such people are fundamentally lazy and are dragged in to the world of conspiracies by others who know no better. I will not apologise for any of it!

Science is a complex subject and scientists do make mistakes as the Universe is so strange. But false conspiracies and bad science like this example make their job harder still.

"These people are doing a terrible disservice to the youngsters in education today" ... Buzz Aldrin; Apollo 11.

"Americans never landed on the moon? You might as well say America was never discovered!" Prof Brian Cox.

(Quotes from other Astronauts / Cosmonauts / Taikonauts / Scientists are very welcome).

This site has been kept simplistic to demonstrate how easy it is to debunk this nonsense. The same method can be applied to other false conspiracies. Please do forward suggestions for other pages or extra information to expand these existing ones.


The author beside Apollo 16, Huntsville, Alabama.

 Inspecting Moon Dust at Headington Sch, Oxford.

Can flags really flap on the moon?

Why are there no stars in the dark lunar sky?

How can the astronauts survive the deadly radiation in space?

They couldn't have had the technology to go to the moon surely?

The moon rocks are fake aren't they?

They only stayed in earth orbit so there!

That Nazi Von Braun was behind it all!

And what about those wonky shadows?

This website is dedicated to the bravery and skills of all the Astronauts,Technicians & Scientists involved with project Apollo and to a very special friend for 20 years...



   Dennis Culver 1959-2012

Dennis Culver of Huntsville, Alabama, USA. He passed away in Aug 2012. He loved Huntsville, home to Wernher Von Braun (father of modern rocketry), was a dedicated member of the Von Braun Astronomical Society and a fellow Queen fan. We spent many hours discussing this moon hoax subject and both agreed that a website should be developed to put the bravery of the astronauts back where it belongs. 

Jobs, careers, investments and possessions are all     replaceable; instead give priority to your partner, friends and relatives, they are all unique. 

A big thanks to NASA for the use of these genuine precious images throughout the website.