Missing Crosshairs

These crosshairs were etched on a thin piece of glass placed in front of the film in the camera as reference points for each picture. They show up as thin shadows on the film. But on some images the crosshairs seem to go behind objects. Aha they are not in the camera after all, they must all be fake pictures!

Okay let us find something all such pictures have in common. Every time a part or complete crosshair is 'missing' it always occur on bright white parts of the picture. Why? Because in photographic terms, that white section is overexposed! No thin lines can be recorded. The chemicals in that area have been 'burnt.' Look at the picture below and you will see the point.

The crosshair on the flag below is part missing on the white stripes only. But the hoax guys say that part of the cross is behind the flag. How ridiculous does that sound?


What are the hoax guys saying about the crosshairs on this picture on the left from Apollo 13?

They are saying that they were hung on invisible wires in front of the camera. You agree with this?

Check out this perfect example to show why parts of crosshairs seem to be missing. See the point? It's all about over-exposure, not crosshairs going behind objects! This 'lens flare' isn't an object.