Rover Was Too Big !

"Look at the size of that Rover, how did it fit in that tiny Lunar Module?"

The hoax supporters claim that the Lunar Rover was too large to fit in the Lunar Module. If one takes the measurements of the Lunar Rover Vehicle (LRV) when it was fully deployed and assembled, then yes, it would not fit in the Lunar Module, however the Rover folded for stowage in the descent stage of the LM in a quadrant to the right of the ladder. The chassis was hinged in three sections and the four wheels were pivoted nearly flat against the folded chassis occupying only 30 cubic ft. The seats folded down like deckchairs. When the astronauts deployed the Lunar Rover, all they had to do was pull on two cords and the Rover popped right out of its berth and down to the lunar surface.

                                         For a full book on the design of the Lunar Rover...

Close-up of the Front Hinge on a back up rover at Huntsville Space Center, Alabama.

I just wish these hoax people will stop guessing at matters like this one. It is so easy to get the truth, but they won't visit a space museum to see back-up hardware or at least full size replicas. The mechanisms aren't military secrets either.