Handling a Hoax Believer

Many people are unsure what to believe about the moon landings after watching the Fox TV documentary on the moon landing hoax. All they need to do is take a look at this website. They should then approach a professional photographer, a radiation expert who may work in a hospital for instance, visit an observatory that regularly fires lasers at the reflectors left on the moon, or better still go along to a local astronomy club.

The avid hoax supporters won't bother doing anything. They love to ramble on about one point, then when proved wrong, they start another without admitting they were wrong on the previous point first. After being shown they are wrong on a few items, they then start swearing and running down the US government, praising Lee Harvey Oswald for his assissination of JFK, claim the 9/11 attacks were planned by the CIA and finally bring God into it. Then they will mention the first point all over again and you realise they are not interested in learning anything or simply rather not deal with the real world. Such people are stuck in their little fantasy world and are happy to try and depress you. If they succeed, they are overjoyed. Just keep your cool. 

Bart Sibrel, a well known hoax believer kept pestering Buzz Aldrin about the moon hoax. Bart turned up at his home, his office, when he was dinning with friends, pestering him, trying to get Buzz to admit to the hoax. He lost his patience on one final occasion and threw Bart a right hook on his chin. Wack!  Bart took Buzz Aldrin to court for assault but lost the case, Bart had to pay all the fees.

 I don't suggest you follow this course of action; but this is great all the same...