Wires? What Wires?

When we study anything, we must always be honest with ourselves and don't imagine anything. Just observe what is there and never report what isn't observed. This should be applied not just to this subject but also to ghost photographs or recordings, UFO 'evidence' etc. A well known TV series on ghosts have imaged 'spooky things' in mirrors & windows when it's just a reflection of the Infra-red Autofocus beam from the camera. Such subjects can indeed be studied scientifically, but must not be contaminated with false imaginary evidence. This will lead any true advance astray and waste everybody's time, and even give the subject a bad name. Sticking to the truth will avoid this problem. It may sound dull, and slow, but at least the truth is gained and not false hope.

The astronauts on the moon do leap around higher than on earth, and walk in a strange way we cannot duplicate accurately here. But the hoax supporters, (David Percy in particular) claim this is due to 'wires' holding them up and lifting them on each step. Firstly out of all the hours of footage of astronauts walking around on the moon, not a single wire is ever seen. Besides a single wire will allow the astronaut to rotate while off the ground, this never happens. A two-wire support would be needed as it does on stage acts. This double the chances of it being seen, but neither is ever recorded. Sometimes a flare of light is seen above an astronaut at the top of the frame. This is just a lens flare from the sun shining on the antenna mounted on the backpack, that's all! The hoax supporters continue to say they can see the whole wire. It simply doesn't exist !

Lesson; Observe what you can really see and don't imagine, no more!


 The radio antenna is an antenna. 

 "Look Mum, no wires!!"