Moving Cameras

Sometimes a camera follows both astronauts and moves to track them across the moon. It even zooms in for a more close up shot. How can this be? Who is doing the filming behind the camera? When the same apollo craft took off from the moon, it tracked the top stage leaving the moon and flying back up to lunar orbit. Aha; got you all now, a third person as a camera operator was there, it was a TV studio after all!

Have you heard of CCTV? Remote controlled cameras that record our shopping areas etc for security. There are over 4,000,000 of them in the UK alone. These are all remote controlled by someone perhaps hundreds of miles away. There are no people sitting behind the camera anywhere.

On Apollo 15, 16 & 17, a remote controlled camera was mounted on the Lunar Rover. Designed by NASA engineer Bill Perry, the high gain S-Band radio dish on the Rover transmitted a live feed signal back to the camera controller (Ed Fendell) at Mission Control Center, Houston. He had buttons to pan the camera sideways, up and down, and a button to zoom in and out via stepping motors on the camera and mount. If you also don't think CCTV wasn't invented then, when was it invented?

The inventor of the CCTV system was Walter Bruch in 1942, the first system was designed and installed in Peenemünde, Germany, to observe the launch of V-2 rockets by remote. It was installed by Siemens AG at Test Stand VII.  CCTV was used for security for the first time at a store in King's Lynn, Norfolk, England in 1955. Black and white CCTV was used on the moon from 1969 and fully steerable & in colour from 1971. So where is the mystery now? 

Full scale mock up at Air & space Museum, Washington DC. A cable is attached from the camera to the high gain antenna transmitting the TV signal to Houston. The beam width was 30 degrees wide; easy to align with the Earth once the Rover was parked. The camera was built by RCA and the lens by Angeniex of France.

CCTV camera at Winsdor Castle, England. How many people can you see operating this camera? Please count again to make sure. The first CCTV was invented in 1942; almost 30yrs before Apollo.



  Here is the real thing on the moon. The Remote Camera Console at MCC Houston operated by Ed Fendell. This was known as the INCO Console.


This film was made via remote CCTV camera on the Lunar Rover and the INCO console in Houston, Texas. The flame was invisible; many rocket fuel combinations do not produce visible flames especially in a vacuum with no water moisture, dust or pollon to burn.