Those Flapping Flags

We are often told by the hoax supporters that flags cannot flap around on the moon because there is no wind! Sometimes a moon flag is seen flapping around when no astronaut is anywhere near it. How can this be if there is no wind either? The astronauts must have been on earth and a breeze from somewhere made it flap around. Nonsense!

 As the flag is in a vacuum (no air) on the moon; there is also no air resistance. Shake a flag in a hall and then leave it, it will stop within 3 or 4 seconds due to the 1000mb air pressure surrounding it. The energy you put into the flag is lost in the air. If a flag is shaken on the moon, then air pressure doesn't exist to slow it down. It will continue to flap around for ages. So can flags flap on the moon? Yes!


Illustrations by Brian Van de Peer of Strood, Kent, UK.

If an astronaut pulls on the washing line and let it go, it would swing for hours or even days due to momentum. There will be no air resistance to slow it down, just a little friction on the poles where the rope is tied.

Lesson; In science, the obvious isn't so obvious when it is examined carefully.

Mathematics should be treated the same...

With a piece of paper... Cut off one of the sides... 4 - 1 = 4 or...

if you cut off a corner... 4 - 1 = 5... it depends on what you are counting. 

How many corners does a cube have? 8 If you cut off one corner, how many left? You may think 7, the true answer is 10...    8 - 1 = 10