No Stars in the Moon's sky?

Our skies are blue due to the scattering of sunlight by Nitrogen & Oxygen. The sky on Mars is pink due to dust blown around in a Carbon Dioxide atmosphere. The moon's sky is dark day and night because there is no air at all. This means stars should be in every picture taken on the moon. The astronauts should also be able to see them, some said 'No' some said yes. How can this be? 


No stars in any of the pictures above.

Here are some images below taken in Earth orbit. The same happens there too; No Stars!


Perhaps the hoax supporters claim these are fake? The pictures below have no stars in them and yet they were taken on starry nights. The author of this website took the picture of Chicago skyline at 2 second exposure, stars were indeed visible but the exposure for stars to come out was still too short. Or are the hoaxers saying that because there aren't any stars in the picture - Chicago must be a fake? Which is more likely? You choose!

The shuttle must be fake as there are no stars here!According to the hoaxers, this picture of Chicago is fake as the stars didn't come out!

The stars are indeed there on every scene. If a picture is taken on the moon in broad daylight then the shutter speed of the camera has to be 1/250 sec at 80 ISO or the image will be over exposed and come out pure white. The same will happen with digital today. Now try a simple experiment. Manually set a camera for 1/250 sec at 80 ISO or close to it then pop outside on a starry night and take some pictures. The results will be blank. Not a single star will show even though you can see them. The stars are simply to faint to appear at such a short exposure. Then take a picture with a tripod, 30 second exposure at 1600 ISO or higher; stars will be recorded as shown below...      


Below; Some astronauts also said that they couldn't see stars from the moon either. Why is that? Try to see stars from a floodlit football stadium at night or from under a security light. The stars are there but the glare from the light(s) will make it impossible to see them. All the moon landings took place during the lunar day. What is in the sky? The SUN! There is the simple answer, there is no mystery! Astronauts such as Ed Mitchell on Apollo 14 turned his back to the sun, allowed time for his eyes to adjust to the dark, then he saw stars. Armstrong and others didn't have the time or interest. Stars were used though for navigation. They used a telescope on the Command Module and found certain guide stars and took a measurement. This telescope was shielded from the blinding sun. 


Lesson; Simple experiments can be done at home to prove something. Most hoax supporters never bother. They are fundamentally lazy.

One exception... During the Apollo 16 mission, a 3" telescope was taken and deployed on the moon. It was designed to image stars in Ultra-violet. 178 Pictures were taken, and stars were recorded as a test for a larger telescope to be built on the Skylab space station. This one below shows the earth and stars in ultra-violet after a 40 second long exposure. The earth is overexposed.