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The Great Moon Landing Hoax... Or Was It?

On Kindle; over 50 chapters £2.64

This book concentrates on the major points these conspiracy people make and give all the correct answers. An expanded version of this website. No doubt they will think of more points, but this book's aim is to show how you can become your own version of 'Columbo' and tackle the rest yourself or apply the same investigative skills for other 'mysteries.'
      The Great Moon Landing Hoax... Or Was It?

     Paperback Black & White Interior version from Amazon

     The Great Moon Landing Hoax... Or Was It?

       Paperback Full Colour Interior Version from Amazon

     The Great Moon Landing Hoax... Or Was It?

     Signed Paperback Black & White Version from our stock

                                     £6 with postage

       The Great Moon Landing Hoax... Or Was It?

     Signed Paperback Full Colour Version from our stock

                                  £12 with postage


A book is available on the Moon Landing hoax; 'Dark Moon - Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers.' published by Aulis Publishers. It is even worse than the documentary. It connects the moon-hoax with pyramids on Mars, Wigwams, Stonehenge, Atlantis, the Sphinx, Neanderthals & Crop Circles all in one 'neat' theory. It is completely bonkers. If you want a good laugh then please do get a copy but second-hand / used only. Amazon is where I got mine, not a penny went to the authors. I would hate to feel these people are gaining even more money through this advert. David Percy & Mary Bennett wrote this as self publishers. No professional publisher would touch it.

On just two pages, the author connects Aliens, a baby's hand, snowflakes, and Radio Astronomy... David Percy is a genius. It's the same throughout the whole 500 page book. On page 26, he shows a picture of two astronauts with slightly different length shadows on the moon. He claims it's due to a close studio spotlight. Has he thought it could be that the astronauts were different heights or they were walking on uneven ground? This is the limit of his intelligence. As Dr Patrick Moore often said "Some people may take this with a pinch of salt, I would take it with an entire salt mine!"

 The Moon Landing Hoax by Dr Steven Thomas; Available as a Kindle book (Amazon) or in paperback. Well this is handled in full by this website and book. This guy is a geologist but seems to be an expert in photography and rocket motors instead. Less than 100 pages, it is badly written with 'wishy washy' arguments for a so called scientist. The simple answers to all 'problems' with photography etc are all found on my website & book. But again please only purchase a used paperback copy, I really do not want this advert to help to fill the pockets of such authors with hard earned cash. They don't deserve it!


2nd Edition out now. This book is the opposite to the above. It concentrates on the science of Orbits, and how to recognise one satellite from another from your home town. If Apollo never went to the moon, then where did they go? Hoax supporters say they remained in Earth orbit only; why weren't they seen then?

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This book demonstrates how easy it is to recognise satellites and photograph them; disproving completely the earth orbit only theory as thousands of amateur astronomers around the globe would have seen them pass overhead. Over 250 pages.

Written by the author of this website... £4 including VAT