Visiting an Apollo Spacecraft

All the Apollo Command Module spacecraft built are on display in various museums (Apart from Apollo 1 due to the fire in respect of the deceased). We have listed the current sites where they can be viewed... to be completed...

 Place for Visiting... Website Link...My geeky picture...
Apollo First Test Capsule, Meteor Crater, Arizona near Flagstaff.  
Apollo 007A - Second Floatation Test Capsule, Boeing Museum of Flight, Seattle, Washington state.  
Apollo 6, Fernbank Science Museum, Atlanta, Georgia. Visited April 2016. 
Apollo 7, Frontiers of Flight Museum, Dallas, Texas To be visited Aug 2016
Apollo 8, Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago, Illinois 
Apollo 9, San Diego, California (was at Lancing, Michigan when I saw it in 1992).  
 Apollo 10, Science Museum, London, UK  
Apollo 11, Air & Space Museum, Washington DC  
Apollo 12, Langley, Virginia  
Apollo 13, Hutchinson, Kansas  
Apollo 14, Kennedy Space Center, Florida 
Apollo 15, Dayton, Ohio  
 Apollo 16, Huntsville, Alabama  
 Apollo 17, Houston, Texas  
Apollo - Skylab 2, National Museum of Aviation, Pensacola, Florida To be Visited Aug 2017
Apollo - Skylab 3, Cleveland, Ohio. The most accessible capsule as you can touch the hatch and operate the handle; see all the mechanisms move.  
Apollo - Skylab 4, Air & Space Museum, Washington DC 
Apollo - Soyuz, Dulles Air & Space Museum, Washington DC 
Apollo Back-up, Kennedy Space Center, Florida