Lack of Technology?

"They couldn't have possibly put people on the moon in the 60's. The technology wasn't good enough then. We only had black & white TV, no solar power, no computers, not even calculators!"

How true is this statement? This is a common point often mentioned on You- Tube. But lets look at real technological history rather than guessing.

1800; Discovery of Infra-red, William Herschel, UK.

1835; First electrical Solar Power, France.

1905; Discovery of time travel into the future, Albert Einstein.

1910; First Particle Accelerator at Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, UK.

1917; The atom was split in half at the Rutherford Laboratory, Cambridge, UK.

1938; Baird produced world's first colour TV broadcast, London, UK.

1942; CCTV invented for V2 rocket observations, Peenemunde, Germany.

1942; First Nuclear Reactor built in Chicago, USA.

1943; First Programmable Computer, called Colossus, Bletchley Park, UK.

1944; First Rocket into Space, the V2, Germany.

1944; First jet powered fighter aircraft, ME 262, Germany.

1945; First Atomic Bomb, New Mexico, USA.

1947; First plane to break the Sound Barrier, California, USA.

1947; First solid state solar cell, Bells Labs, New Jersey, USA.

1954; First Nuclear Power Station, Obninsk, USSR.

1957; First electronic calculator by Casio, Japan.

1957; First satellite, launched by USSR.

1959; First spacecraft to fly past the moon, USSR.

1959; First mass produced Silicon Chip, invented by Robert Noyce, California, USA.

1961; First Man in Space, USSR.

1962; First spacecraft to reach Venus, Mariner 2, launched from Florida, USA.

1964; First spacecraft to reach Mars, Mariner 4, launched from Florida, USA..

1966; First Regular Colour TV broadcast - BBC, London, UK.

1966; First Vertical Take-Off Jet to enter service - The Harrier, UK.

1969; First supersonic & fly-by-wire passenger aircraft, Mach 2 - Concorde, UK / France.

So did we have the technology to go off to the moon in 1969? You bet we did - but only just!