Fake Moon Rocks?

Hoax supporters claim that all the moon rocks were fake. "Some are just meteorites collected from Antarctica" others say "They were created in a Nuclear Laboratory." or even "Did you know only NASA people are allowed to study the moon rocks?" This is about all they say on the matter.

Every meteorite has a 'fusion crust' around it that developed on its fiery journey through the Earth's atmosphere. None of the moon rock samples have a fusion crust. They therefore cannot be meteorites. If they were then why can't anybody produce a meteorite rock today that is chemically & structurally identical to a Apollo Moon Rock sample?

The samples have been examined by thousands of geologists and chemists around the globe. Not one has cried "Fake" ever!

Above; Typical Meteorite with a fusion crust...

A lunar sample from Apollo 16 called Troctolite... where is the fusion crust?

Not one lunar sample has been melted due to entry into the earth's atmosphere!

Many hoax supporters also claim that only NASA employees are allowed to study moon samples. The picture below is of me studying moon samples. Microscopes are supplied too for free. I do not work for NASA nor do the 15,000 or so estimated number of people a year that see these samples from Britain's National Space Centre.

Inspecting moon dust from the British National Space Centre.

More to be written later by a professional Geologist... Mike Phillips.

Lesson; Ask the real experts and don't listen to people making things up.