Other Daft Conspiracies...

False conspiracies upset huge numbers of people in a very personal way. The Internet today makes it too easy to invent one, publish it, and get millions to follow ridiculous lines of thought. People who are not experts in that particular field, know no better and spread the idle upsetting gossip further until it behaves like a virus. Here are some more examples and a starter of how to pull it apart. I won't do it all as it would take a whole website like this one to do it fully for each conspiracy. I just don't have the time but would love to. However the principal of simple realistic investigation is the same for all of them...


The Oklahoma City Bombing... The explosion was an even force and yet the damage to the building was uneven. Also witnesses inside said they had the damage occur first, then heard the explosion outside after. So there must have been a bomb placed inside as well as outside! The CIA probably did it, they have explosive experts!

The bomb blast was an even force but the building strength was not. Open office space is weak with thin internal walls, but stairwells & lift shafts are extra strong. So those parts survived more readily than open office floors. The shock wave from any explosion is far faster than sound, so damage is done first then hear it after just as with fireworks. Tim McVeigh became an explosives expert via his US Army training and his survivalist friend, Terry Nichols.  NO CONSPIRACY!


 9/11 Attack on the Twin Towers... The second tower hit came down first, and windows shattered ahead of the collapsing floors. They didn't collapse in the way they should have done after being hit by planes. The steel should have slowed down the collapse as some other buidings have. Building 7 collapsed later without it being on fire as seen from CCTV. The CIA did it again as an excuse for war.

The second plane hit 16 floors further down the building so a much larger force was bearing down on the damaged part. If the planes hit higher up, they may not have collapsed at all. As the buildings collapsed, air trapped inside rushed down stairwells & lift shafts blowing out the windows. How many 110 story towers have we witnessed collapsing from airline hits? What way were they supposed to come down? Downwards is one way only! The sheer mass and energy of all this debris couldn't be stopped by the iron works that held the buildings up, these are the tallest buildings ever to have collapsed, you cannot compare these to other smaller demolitions. Building 7 was on fire on the other side of the said CCTV footage. Hundreds of witnesses and other cameras recorded it. It was abandoned by the firefighters. It didn't just fall down. NO CONSPIRACY!


 Hiroshima 1945... Japan was going to surrender anyway. The Atom Bomb was only used on Hiroshima & Nagasaki as an experiment to see how such weopons work on real Cities, and for the USA to get their 'monies worth' from all the research.

Japan had every opportunity to surrender. President Truman told the Japanese military in advance that such a weapon existed and would use it if no unconditional surrender was made. No response from Japan for several days, Hiroshima was bombed. They were given further chance to surrender but still nothing. All diplomatic channels remained open to the USA as well as other allies such as Great Britain; they were still fighting the Japanese in Burma and Malaya. An announcement on their own radio would have sufficed. Nagasaki was bombed two days later, still no surrender. Russia declared war on Japan and began moving troops & ships. Only then did Japan surrender unconditionally to the USA or face the possibility of being invaded by Russia while the USA produced more atomic weapons. NO CONSPIRACY!


Satellites are fake! Navigation from space is secretly done by Mobile Phone masts and communications are made by cables under the sea. All pictures from space are faked! 

These people should get out more. All they need to do is pop out under a clear dark sky and look for moving stars that majestically cross the night sky. Guess what these are? Yes you got it... Satellites! So how do ships, boats and aircraft use navigation via mobile phone masts in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? I'm not even going to bother with the rest. They should go to a rocket launch site and see a satellite commence its mission. Such people who spread this stuff are bonkers.



The Moon is an Alien Spaceship...

To be written next; bet you can't wait.


 Alien Cities on the Moon...

There is no stopping them now; to be written up soon...


The Titanic didn't really sink!

These conspiracy people don't know when to stop or who to upset next..

  The Earth is Flat !

This one defies all logic. They say that Gravity is a hoax. It's really the Earth flying upward at an increasing speed of 9.8mt/s instead giving us a false sense of gravity. Well that means we will be travelling faster than light within a year. How do pilots & sailors navigate around the globe if all the maps are wrong? They say the UN flag shows the flat Earth map. How are you supposed to create a round object on a flat flag? This is probably the nuttiest idea I have ever heard so far. I just can't understand how people really believe this stuff.

New laws should be passed to stop this nonsense. Not because there is something to hide, but because it upsets so many surviving victims and families of victims of disasters for nothing. They undermine the credibility of scientists, and true investigators such as the Police, FBI, CIA, MI5 etc. It is just pure slander and nothing more. Germany has such laws already in place for those who spread false conspiracy theories about denying the Holocaust.