The Murders!

'Three astronauts died in 1967 on the launch pad while testing an early Apollo spacecraft. They were Ed White, Roger Chaffee, and Guss Grissom. These were murdered by NASA because they wanted to expose the hoax to the public. They knew too much and often critised NASA.'

This 'point of view' (and that's about it), is sustained without any evidence. The astronauts did criticise NASA but so did they all. There was the target of getting to the moon in less than 32 months, the pressure was enormous. The project had so far cost $15,000,000,000 and the moon still seemed a long way off. Many technical problems lay unsolved.


Immediately after the fire, NASA convened the Apollo 204 Accident Review Board to determine the cause of the fire. Although the ignition source was never conclusively identified, the astronauts' deaths were attributed to a wide range of lethal design and construction flaws in the early Apollo Command Module. The manned phase of the project was delayed for 20 months while these problems were corrected. The full Oxygen only capsule was to ultimately to blame. This was replaced with a Nitrogen / Oxygen mix instead to reduce the likelihood of any further fires.

All the test pilots risked their lives even before joining NASA for the moon program. They dealt with danger every step and knew the risks. Every astronaut, even today, fully understand that they may be injured or killed in an accident. Flying into space is a dangerous business due to the extreme speeds, pressures, and pushing aerospace technologies to the limits.

If the 'Proof' of such apparent murders was so strong then how come nobody has ever produced a case in a court?

It is at this point we demonstrate why the hoax supporters should cease the false & unproven  ramblings that could never stand up in a court of law. Families and close friends to these three astronauts are still alive today and hear of these accusations of murder rather than how they devoted their lives to pushing forward the limits of knowledge in this new field of space exploration.


These are the three back-up suits for the Apollo 1 crew on display at the Marshall Spaceflight Center, Huntsville, Alabama.

Photographed by the author. April 2013; this moon hoax business should stop!