Giant Earth

'As shown below, the Earth is FOUR times wider than the Moon. Therefore the Earth should look massive in all the photographs from the moon. It doesn't, it still looks small. So all these pictures are out of scale; more proof of a hoax!'

Is this conclusion correct? Nope! The lens used most often on the moon was a wide standard lens without magnification unlike a zoom or telephoto. From the Earth the moon appears just 0.5 degrees wide. From the Moon, the Earth appears 2 degrees wide. Photos taken with a standard lens are around 80 degrees across.

It is so simple to discount such claims and yet not one of them ever bothers to check their own assumptions.



To further this crazy notion to a higher level, watch this nonsense unfold. This is worse...

These are real images of earth! When I get back from my holidays, I use Photoshop to improve my pictures. Does that mean my holiday was fake? The picture of earth at two mins into the clip shows the earth as a phase as it mostly does; the phase was a Gibbous. It's the night part of Earth. The clouds are above the ground, they catch sunlight AFTER sunset; its quite normal too. Windows on the Command Modules were rectangular and the Lunar Modules were triangular. So how does his idea with round windows work now? What a berk! He should learn some real science and stop guessing.