Giant Sun

Well we have had a supposed Giant Earth, guess what the Conspiracy guys now have thought of? You may have guessed it, there is a Giant Sun... which can't be true so it must be a spotlight instead. We are off again...

This is a Gigantic Sun, totally out of scale; it must be spotlight!Another example of a Gigantic Sun! Well that just about does it - Fake Pictures!

Ah! Houston we have a problem!

Here is a reflection of the sun that shows its normal size instead.

(Plus the flag can flap due to no air resistence, the antenna is an antenna only and not a wire holding the astronaut up, and there are no stars due to the short 1/250 sec exposure - far too quick for stars. The earth is perfectly exposed as it is lit by the sun just as is the astronaut & the moon).

This picture is perfectly normal - ask any professional photographer.

What is going on? Well in photographic terms the sun in the first picture is totally overexposed. The camera was exposed for the moon's surface, not the sun. The build up of intense light has created a massive lens flare around itself as well as extra flares to the lower left. Pictures of the sun on Earth can have the same effect. (Example shown below).

The second picture above is of two shots taken from a poor quality 16mm film. Again the exposure was for the moon and not the sun's reflection causing over exposure again. 

The last picture is a better quality image, more correctly exposed, and shows the sun's almost perfect apparent size taking into account the reflection is on a curved surface (so are the other two pics). It is smaller than the Earth in the sky for perfect comparison.

I honestly wish that these conspiracy guys just pop along to a local photographic club and ask these questions. They will get the right answers first time. They live in a strange little world!


Here is a giant sun caused by a spotlight on a wooden model of Lincoln Cathedral with a fake blue sky in a studio... Conspiracy supporter.

Here is a 'Giant Sun' picture taken of Lincoln Cathedral. It's simply vastly overexposed. This giant sun is a little less defined due to the atmosphere, the moon's giant sun was in a vacuum, more defined... Pete Bassett.

You choose as to which is more likely...

 Another example... perhaps the conspiracy guys will claim the glider, me, and Southern California are fake next! Also who is taking the picture? Aha yes this must be fake beyond doubt... 

We just need to be realistic and study rather than guess.