Flameless Engines?

The top half of the lander took off from the Moon to bring the astronauts back into orbit, there was no flame from the rocket. Obviously, every rocket has a visible flame, so the take off was faked... caught you again NASA!

 There is a simple reason why you cannot see the flame from the lander when it took off. The fuels they used produced no visible flame! The lander used a mix of hydrazine and dinitrogen tetroxide (the oxidizer). These two chemicals ignite upon contact for reliability and produce a flame that is transparent. We expect to see a flame because of the usual drama of liftoff from the Earth; the flame and smoke we see from the Shuttle, for example, is because the solid rocket boosters do actually produce them, while the lunar lander did not. The fuel mix was completely different; plus the burn took place in a vacuum, our atmosphere contains dust and pollon that burns, the pad is also doused with thousands of gallons of water; the moon does not have such properties.

The British rocket called Black Arrow used Hydrogen Peroxide´╗┐ (HTP) and Kerosene as fuel. When burnt, hardly any flame was seen. The fuel mix, water on the pad, moisture and dust etc in the air, or launching in a vacuum are all variables that have to be taken into account.