Those Wonky Shadows

Many shadows on the moon photographs seem to be a little odd. The light from the sun is so distant that all shadows should be parallel on earth and the moon. But many photographs taken on the moon clearly show shadows in various directions. This would be correct if spotlights were used instead. Aha! The astronauts were in a studio and not the moon... Rubbish!

The answer is very simple... It happens on Earth too. The effect is called PERSPECTIVE!


Shadows of the same length but further away will also appear shorter than same length shadows that are closer.  ASK ANY ARTIST ABOUT THIS EFFECT.

  The bottom picture shows Crepuscular Rays. These are parallel too. All pictures by the author (apart from the moon pics).


This meteorological phenomenon, Crepuscular Rays, are shafts of light from the sun passing through a moist atmosphere with high contrast shadows from a dense cloud. Such rays, as they are from the sun, are also parallel.