About the Author

Peter Bassett FRAS became interested in Spaceflight in 1968 with the Apollo 8 mission. He saw the first live broadcast from Lunar Orbit on 24 Dec. Mum pulled back the curtains and they saw the crescent moon through the window at the same time as watching the astronauts on TV.

He has been interested in photography since 1977 when he purchased his first camera with paper - round money. It was fully manual and learned various aspects of how a camera works and correctly exposes etc. He took pictures of stars, the moon, planets, (Astro-photography) so he knows how to correctly take such images. He turned his photographic skills into a business by Aug 1981.  During this period he gained an interest in 8mm film making and completed two amateur Sci-Fi movies full of special effects. So he understands lighting, exposure, depth of field; what was capable and what wasn't with film at that time. He studied the effects on movies such as 2001 A Space Odyssey, Silent Running, Star Wars, Close Encounters etc. A film company was then created in 1987 - 'The Movie Factory.' The company didn't flourish as hoped but he did gain professional experience within the field of special effects.

In 1994, Peter became a professional lecturer in Astronomy. He uses a mobile planetarium to lecture at schools and colleges about Astronomical & Spaceflight related topics. By 1997, he began to hear from pupils about the moon hoax conspiracy. "Flags cannot fly on the Moon" and "Why are there no stars in the pictures?" were shouted out often. On rare occasions, these comments were from teachers. That's when he decided something needs to be done about this. Peter wrote a book proposal, but couldn't find a publisher to take it on, some hinted they would if he supported the hoax instead; that was very concerning.

With each trip to the USA, Peter takes images of space centres, museums etc to help illustrate the points mentioned on this website. During the process he has met most of the Apollo astronauts too.

Producing this site didn't require any backing; it just cost a little time and £2.99 a year to hold the web address. He has no income from it either. If he has steered even one person in the right direction toward real science and how it is done, he is happy. He dislikes people who are fundamentally lazy, they guess at science, assume the guesses are correct then publish it. People who know no better follow it and publish their own nonsense on the internet.

This trend needs to be halted in this subject and others before the education process about history & science is watered down to a dribble of nonsense. How are we going to solve the world's problems otherwise. We all need to get real.

Peter Bassett (Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society).

The Apollo 12 Command Module at Langley, Virginia 

(very close to the CIA Headquarters).