JFK Tribute

I have always been fascinated by the life of the US President John F. Kennedy. It was he who instigated the Apollo program and the peaceful race to the Moon between the USA & Soviet Union. After Russia had installed 174 nuclear warheads in Cuba; just a few minutes flight from Florida, USA, Kennedy demanded that they were removed or the USA & Britain will attack Russia with a full nuclear arsenal - October 1962. Russian President Khrushchev backed down and removed the weapons from Cuba. Following this, arms talks were signed on banning any further nuclear tests in the atmosphere. After JFK's assassination, such talks continued with arms limitations, joint ventures in space, and then the fall of the Berlin Wall that split East & West Germany. The Cold War that almost destroyed the whole Human Race was over. It was Kennedy, who operated against his own advisers, that was the genius behind the whole process. We are all living in a world on borrowed time thanks to this one man.

I have published a small number of images here that I have taken over the years connected with John Fitzgerald Kennedy. 1917 - 1963.

 KSC, Florida Bronze in Rapid City, South Dakota
Air Force One 1959 - 1961, now retired at Air Museum, Tuscon, Arizona 
 School Book Depository, Dallas Oswald's Window
  Assassin's window to the left.
 JFK Gravesite 
 Runnymede Memorial, Berkshire, UK Runnymede; JFK, Steps for each state
 A tribute in Gozo, near Malta Kennedy Private Home, Hyannis, Mass
 Air Force One; 1960 - 63. Housed at Boeing Museum, Seattle.Where the body laid in state at Capital Building, Washington DC on 23rd November 1963